Marshall MG50FX


Marshall MG50FX Features

  • 50 watt output
  • 4 storable channels
  • Digital effects including Delay, Chorus, Phaser or Flanger
  • Digital reverb
  • Power amp damping
  • MP3/Line input
  • Emulated Line/Headphone output
  • External Effects Loop
  • MG footcontroller compatibility

Reverb & FX
The MG50FX amplifier provides three simultaneous effects, Reverb, Delay and one of three Modulation effects (Chorus, Phaser, or Flanger). 
Tap Tempo
Use tap tempo to set your delay times as easily as tapping your foot. Tap Tempo switch is used for the Delay effect only. 
MP3/Line In
Jam along to your favorite bands or personal recordings by connecting to your MP3 or CD player to this convenient 1/8 inch input jack. 
Headphones & Line Out
The Headphone/Line out provides speaker emulation, so you can hear your guitar like its being blasted through powerful speakers or record direct to a source without using a microphone. 
Make it sound like your using 2 completely different amplifiers. When Damping is Off the power amp response resembles the feel of a classic power amp with emphasized middle and limited bass and treble. Switching Damping On will boost the speaker resonances both in the bass and high frequency ranges. 
FX Loop
The FX Return socket on the rear panel is used to connect the your favorite external effects pedals or processor. The FX loop is series and set at instrument level so both guitar FX or professional units can be connected.

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